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Aug 1, 2007

The Buzz: Nikko-lodeon

Well, it's not new though, but the news around town is that:

1. Hotel Nikko is left suspended up in the midair. Bidders like Asiana or Kumho has backed out, they say, realizing that if Japan Airlines couldn't fill it up, how can they? So, they say, it's closing.

2. The revolving restaurant or simply called the 360(degree) is not at all going to happen. The AJ's Restaurant staff are now left out in the open.

3. Business owners and officials with business groups are cooking up something to express their protest against federal takeover. Buzz is, that they are meeting up silently how to counter federalization of the island.

So what've you heard around lately?

The Reveler


Anonymous said...

That's ashame...the rotating restaurant and bar was great in its day. Would make a great steak house or finer dining place... the view is spectacular.

Anonymous said...

That's ashame...the rotating restaurant and bar was great in its day. Would make a great steak house or finer dining place... the view is spectacular.

rev said...

they say, there's too many owners getting at each other's throat on this one.

island dyke said...

the buzz I made up.....la fiesta is being turned into an outdoor roller derby mixed with ultimate fighting

Angus said...

Last time I was up there (about 2 weeks ago) a small crew was still working on refurbishing the round restaurant. It had a long way to go.

Based on the other rents I've heard about in that building the proprietor would have to charge $80 for a $10 steak to make a go of it.

If the Legislature passes an OGA bill there won't be many folks up there chowing down.

Bryant said...

maybe it's kobe beef?

Anonymous said...

Rent? They need to be realistic. That restaurant has been closed for 25 years. If someone wants to utilize the space... for god sakes...give it to them at a cutrate price. It'll be good for the building and the businesses in it and good for tourism and the economy.

Rent prices are coming down. But look at how long commercial building owners let vacant spaces sit trying to get outrageous prices on rent. YEARS in many cases.

That is why we need a commercial land tax law. Nothing outrageous, just a few hundred dollars per commercial lot (depending on the size of the lot). This would "encourage" commercial property owners to get those spaces rented at whatever the real market value is.

This is especially true in the Garapan area... nothing worse for a tourism area than empty spaces.

Anonymous said...

um guys, you know nothing about the rent. one of the partners was going to be the building owner....

eric said...

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The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Yes, the writers of this blog are conservative, gay, minority bloggers.

nina said...

Saipan Blogger = gay, superconservative and feeling superior blogger!

bradinthesand said...


oh, and they're not all gay. or maybe it's that they're not all the way gay. maybe they're just gay enough to dress well but not gay enough to make the "Gay-Team."

perhaps gay enough to enjoy the new mexican prison benefits without having to go to a mexican prison.

should save a ton on the airfare, but then they'd miss out on the gay flight attendants.

PJ said...

I was up there last week, and they were painting the place and refinishing the bar. The kitchen is being refurbished as well, I'm not sure why they'd be doing all this if it wasn't going to open.

I also understood that they are looking at buying some new kitchen equipment out of the Philippines.

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