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Aug 6, 2007

Study: Good to be cut

This is somewhat old news but I just remembered hearing from the news about this recent study about circumcised men have less likely to transmit or contract the dreaded HIV disease. According to that news, I guess I heard it from CNN, that men or gaymen that are cut are safer to have a one night stand with than those that are uncut, due to the sensitive skin around the unexposed portion of the penis.

I guess this has changed the pickup lines among the coquettish world of hanging out in bars, "Hold on, before we go, are you cut or uncut? Just want to be 'safer."

The Reveler


Island Dyke said...

safer? sounds like you men are not wearing your rain jackets? isn't that safer?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Rocky Balboa in the first film of that name begs his cornerman toward the end of the fight "cut me" , "cut me". Suppose there was more to that line than we thought at the time?

rev said...

god that's funny....lol lovin' the Batman now.

Rick Jones said...

I remember that story, it had mostly to do with cleanliness of men in Africa, where rates of HIV are extremely high. They think the link between higher rates of HIV in uncircumcised men has to do with cleanliness, and that men who take the time to clean their foreskins reduce their risk significantly.

All that said, Island Dyke is right, wear a damn condom and forget about it.

rev said...


bradinthesand said...

well done bruce

Glen Hunter said...

...or only have sex with underage virgins.

G said...

above comment not posted by me (glen hunter). obviously i have a big fan.

glen hunter

Island Dyke said...

Rick Jones I do not discount that you read what you read, however, if you want the truth, as it is not a cleanliness issue, read my blog.

Thanks to The Reveler for your blog.

bradinthesand said...

posting with other people's names is worse than posting anonymously. don't be a dick...

...cut or uncut.

rev said...

lol. true. i agree. worse, worse, worse. cmon people, "cut"it out! ;-)

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Do you have a bandaid?

Because I'm cut!

Do you have a needle and thread?

Because I'm ripped!

Do you know why there are no rats on Managaha?

Because the pythons got 'em!

rev said...

u cut? ur safe then! let's celebrate!

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