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Aug 7, 2007

Of Marine Biology and other courses

The CNMI would have been perfect for Marine Biology courses, since the island is surrounded by waters that are rich in marine resources, not to mention there's Rota and Tinian too. However, the CNMI has no college nor vocational institutions that offer such course, thank goodness for the DEQ, CRM, DFW staff who try to educate and impart knowledge through internship programs.

I remember Bree attending NMC Board of Regents meeting to defend a marine vessel acquisition at the college.

The only bachelor's degree being offered at the college is BS Elementary Education, to prepare and train future teachers in the CNMI. It's just sad that despite the need for teachers, the local government can't afford them.

The Reveler


Island Dyke said...

My thoughts are that NMC is a 'junior college' which means they can only offer AA degrees, I would think the BS is being offered by them through another institution? Much like the MEd. that is offered through Framingham. But do not quote me on this as I am not familiar with NMC curriculum....it's just a hunch. To have a 'four year college' I think for the upper division classes you have to have real professors teaching the courses, and they do not come cheap....just a thought, I could be wrong.

rev said...

i know. they are not cheap. it's just sad. the island could be a haven for marine bio geeks and other students.

Anonymous said...

I agree with island dyke. Additionally, we need to realize that there are a great many employees here that need and want to further their education and get that degree... but just can't due to financial and family reasons. Our scholarship fund needs not only to provide funds to potential students for online/distance education programs, but to encourage these for our people. An accredited distance education or online college program should be accomodated.

marianas life said...

NMC does offer Marine Biology as a science course. I teach it on line for Saipan, Tinian and Rota. Sign up!!!

rev said...

I am hoping it would be a BS degree more than just a subject.

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