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Oct 14, 2007

Back-to-Back Concert and Accidents

Last night's Back to Back Concert with exiting resident band Streetbeat Band and new band Switchgroove at the Club V was sure a megahit as over 500 people went in and out of the club. Cars were all piling up outside the parking lot of the Saipan Grand Hotel as most of them parked along the highway and across the hotel.

Past midnight, people coming in were mumbling about a terrible accident just outside the road going in to the hotel. A terrible accident that the police said the unidentified could-be Korean guy could end up dead. Police said, "Well, 90-percent he could be dead." The Asian driver was with a passenger who ran away, bloody all over the face, when he was asked to show his ID.

The two colliding cars hit two others after collision.

Didn't we say to prevent such accident because more likely CHC wouldn't be able to help at all. Now that they don't do INR or lab test for blood coagulation before surgery?


no_knee said...

Maybe that's why the passener ran away- didn't want to be taken to CHC.

Anonymous said...

many of a certain unnamed ethnic group refuse to go to CHC unless of course, they absolutely have to. their nickname for CHC is "death hospital"

lil_hammerhead said...

Let's be fair now.. CHC has been pretty good. There are horror stories at most hospitals. I have my problems with CHC, but all things considered, I'd rather be at CHC than at the Guam Memorial Hospital.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I'd rather be at CHC than in the drivers seat of that Toyota in front of the Grand, whatever my ethnicity.

dan said...

Well,in any medical facility around the globe if a person is sick enough to be admitted there are only two ways he can exit.Either from the basement door or via the main entrance where he came in the first time.

rev said...

the victim was Saipan World Resort's chief comptroller. may he rest in peace.

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