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Oct 1, 2007

The Buzz: Who's to Blame?

Didn't mean to bring this up but people have come up to me asking me questions I have no and have not gotten any answer. This is with regard to the death of the Tinian high school student three weeks ago. The kid died inside the school right after his PE class. He was interred last Friday.

Questions of these people now:

1. Should PSS be liable to this loss since it happened within the school premises. Should the PE teacher be blamed for this?
2. Shouldn't schools or at least administrators be aware of the health status or condition of their students?
3. Don't school have surveys before school opens?

These are just some of the community's inquisitions.

The Reveler


saipanboonieman said...

man, i dont have any clue as to what could/should have been done, but i think that whole situation is extremely unfortunate. my condolences go out to the family.

rev said...

same here. ;-(

lil_hammerhead said...

I don't know if this has anything to do with the sad death of the student in Tinian, but as someone whose gone through the "PSS System" here, the way PE classes are designed here do not promote a love of physical activity or sport. At MHS the other day, I saw the kids in several lines doing pushups, following that they went running. It was like a military drill.

As someone who was not all that comfortable in their slightly overweight skin at that time, all this drill type method did was make me not want to go to PE.

I had the opportunity to attend another school for one year, it was great, PE consisted of going to the equipment room and selecting whatever you'd need for the class... your choice. Footballs, basketballs, frisbees, tennis and badminton, volleyballs, etc. It was great. I looked forward to going to PE. I looked forward to running across a feild to catch a frisbee, or playing some volleyball.

PE generally becomes "unfun" after fourth grade. For some reason, teachers decide it's time to put up the kickball and softball and start treating the kids as if they're in boot camp.

There are many times I was near total exhaustion, I think unsafely. In a society where kids are getting fatter, we need to make sports and physical education as fun as possible.

rev said...

when i was in high school, our school had to hire PE major (kinetics) teachers, and of course during college teachers had to be that credible as well.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

That young man's face looked so enthusiastic about life in the news photo. What a shame to pass without a chance to fly solo.

Maybe public schools, short on funds and short on teachers should stick to teaching scholastic coursework and leave playtime for home.

It would save valuable resourses and would keep the schools out of potential liability for occurences like this one which are usually out of their control.

Tamara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous [#006] said...

"These are just some of the community's inquisitions."

As a community and as journalists, web loggers and commenters, we would do well to spend more time praying and less on rash judgment and rumor-mongering.

rev said...


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