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Oct 6, 2007

Poll: Power to the people

It is sad to hear stories about how the island community is now coping with the high cost of utilities here in the CNMI. Which brings us to our next poll about being happy that the recent turn of events about the legislature overriding a veto of the Governor regarding CUC bill reduction.

We had this nice chitchat with someone who shared with us that there are now families somewhere here on the island that have been disconnected and have not had power for so many months now. The story even told us that these families have to share connections with their neighbors. Some families are now into candles.

It is sad to learn about these realities that extremely bite hard.


Btw, our last poll got 58 percent of the votes saying that the government should not allow CNMI resident to pay their utility bills within a year, while 23 percent of the voters said yes.

Now, on to our next poll, related to CUC again.

<---- Cast your votes now!


Anonymous said...

would someone invite the U.S. Congress to come and see the living conditions on this Island (residents).. lack of 24 hour power and water.. and don't take keep them in Hyatt and the golf courses.. take them into the villages...also at night..so they can see how many houses are using candles.. seriously..

glend558 said...

The rollback is only a political ploy, meant to get votes just before elections. This however does not solve any problems for anyone. We will still have to pay for the mismanagement out of one pocket or the other. I have explained this as simply as I could in my post #638 (listen up)
My rates at home will go down, at my business... well there you go which pocket do you like?

glend558 said...

After thought..read post #635 while you're there also.

lil_hammerhead said...

The two main newspapers should do features on those families that have been disconnected. These are important stories of how this whole power crisis and rate hike have affected regular people.

I am against what just happened with the rollback. The rates are too high, but a thoughtful plan needs to be put into place to address a decrease.. not reduction a month before elections for vote-buying purposes.

rev said...

what would be the effect of this override? power outages more often? candles rising sales? you tell me.

Anonymous said...

...it will be a very dark Marianas and no one at CUC and the legislature will lose their jobs.

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