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Oct 25, 2007

Grotto H&LL!

Gomenesai. Los Siento. I apologize for this post. Yes. I relied to the report on paper about renaming the Grotto, only to find out yesterday that the Legislature did only pass as the governor approved to have a "monument" installed at the Grotto, not renaming the place at all. Argh! So folks. It's safe. Grotto will always be called Grotto.

Yes, people. The current administration is renaming the internationally renowned Grotto diving site in Marpi on Saipan. The new name is BenKi (or Ben & Ki) after the first certified diver from the CNMI the late Vicente Ben Concepcion. See more on today's paper.


1. Would it be a huge adjustment telling those international media and diving magazines/journals that featured the Grotto as one of the world's finest diving sites?
2. What's going to be next renaming project? Suicide Cliff? Naming it after the first Japanese that jumped off that cliff (pardon this one)?
3. What would be the impact of renaming Grotto? Would there be one anyway?
4. Should the Legislature take center stage and override this one again? (Oh, this one's not a veto)


lil_hammerhead said...

They don't think of the ramifications of such acts. I loved Ben.. the fact is, however, not every single road and beach and cave and park should be named after a deceased person. The "Grotto" is the grotto. It will always be the grotto to us who've lived here. It is descriptive and pleasant.

Imagine telling your bus full of tourists they're heading to see the "BenKi"?

rev said...

;-) oh well...have you passed by the Bishop Camacho Road lately?

lil_hammerhead said...

No. I only drive on Beach Road. (and middle road and back road).

bradinthesand said...

...our tax dollars at work...

glend558 said...

Maybe they should rename CUC to CEC
(Commonwealth Emergency Corp.)if they feel the need to rename things, or the legislature, Boulevard of Broken Promises.
Are they bored or have nothing to do? absurd indeed!

Anonymous said...

Isn't renaming community sites a job for the 'joy luck club'.....common now, politicians get off your ASSk me no more questions DO YOUR JOB! WTF

Linker said...

Were you aware that day-of-printing links to articles in the Marianas Variety expire when the next day's issue appears online?

So if you want to keep a live link (that actually refers to the story intended) for several months or even possibly a year, you need to go into the archives and do a new link to the story from there.

In contrast, with its deeper pockets the Saipan Tribune archives stay online for up to nine years (so far).

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