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Oct 6, 2007

"Tour" the Fire.....

"Tour" the fire, "Tour" the limit, "Tour" the wall....(to the tune of Chaka Khan's song)

What the hell? Three tour buses set on fire? Were the arsonists blaming the continuing decline of tourists in the CNMI that they muster all their anger and set three tour buses on fire? (See the story here)It's just so sad that maybe our cars won't be safe anymore if you park it outside your house or building when there's no parking spaces anywhere.

What could be the motive of the culprits? Could it be they had a bad experience with the tour operator because they failed to drop by Winchell's for a donut?

You tell me.

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lil_hammerhead said...

There was likely no motive. That's what makes these kind of stories a bit sadder. What are the motives behind the sharp increase in graffiti island-wide? What are the motives behind the vandalism that takes place to the structures at the public parks, along the beach road path and other public places? It's disgusting. The book needs to be thrown at vandals, juveniles or not.. they are detrimental to tourism and therefore to all of us.

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