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Oct 10, 2007

Book Now, Fly 'Chamorro!'

Though it's been discussed before, the Marianas Visitors Authority board officials had a presentation before that to increase the traffic of tourists going to the CNMI, it would be better to have the CNMI's very own flag carrier.

It was predicted that September would be the worst month of the year with fewer tourists visiting the island. The plan was conceived to alleviate the continuing losses in air seats, thus MVA is now looking at a possible low-cost carrier that will be managed by the local government.

The project was reported to improve air service for the Japan, Korea and China markets, among others. With CNMI's very own flag carrier, there would be 26 flights per week creating stable flights from eight secondary cities in Japan, 14 cities to replace charter flights from China, two from Hong Kong and two from Taipei.

MVA said with 85 percent average load factor, the carrier could bring in additional 212,000 tourists to the CNMI.

What do you think?


Bruce A. Bateman said...

The idea is great. The government, this or any other government, is not the right entity to put in charge. Unless you really want $60,000 tickets to Rota.

No_Knee said...

Certainly lack of airline seats is a problem for the Saipan tourist 'industry', but are there also issues with inferior product? Why would tourists come here when they can get equal or better vacation expiriences cheaper elsewhere?

And B.B. is right- case histories of government managed airline failures abound.

lil_hammerhead said...

I'd be a little concerned about airplane maintenance. We can't even maintain basketball courts. And who would hire the pilots? The Personnel Office? That would be a scary thought.. "Your pilot today is captain Pangelinan, he's been flying for two weeks, his father was Tun Ko Pangelinan and he is also closely related to Senator Sablan, you know of the Chalan Kanoa Sablans, please fasten your seatbelts, sit back and have a wonderful flight..."


Island Dyke said...

I worry when people start spewing out data of what COULD be when they don't look at the ability to operate during a WORSE CASE SCENARIO.....why have the other airlines decreased their flights? Are they just not making a profit flying into Saipan? OR Are they in the red and just needing to make cuts and Saipan is a good cut to make? Bruce also makes a great point about government should not be involved! Please our government is so TOP heavy it's CRAZY..(just one crazy funny question) Who would pay for the fuel to fly the plane? LOL

rev said...

CUC? ahihihi

glend558 said...

Let's all buy stocks..a sure winner!

Anonymous said...

Stocks for sale for local airline and for casino stocks. Invest and see your money grow (in someone else's bank account). Can I be your broker? Please?

Anonymous said...

Are they out of their minds (again)? The government can't even manage a hospital or an electric company. Why would they think they could run a company that would require brains, hard work, efficiency, and strict safety standards? All attributes they lack!

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