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Jul 31, 2007

Mexico allows gay conjugal visits now

I know this should be most appropriate at Let's Talk GLBT blog, but since I can't post there yet, here it goes...
BBC-The prison system in Mexico City has begun permitting gay prisoners to have conjugal visits from their partners.

The city authorities accepted a recommendation by a human rights commission which said the visits would help to end discrimination.

The decision follows a complaint by a man who said he had been refused permission to visit his partner in jail on the grounds they were homosexual.

A 2003 Mexican law bans discrimination based on sexual preference.

"The Mexico City department of prisons and rehabilitation has allowed the first conjugal visit to an inmate with a sexual orientation other than heterosexual," the city's human rights commission (CDHDF) said.
So, do I get a visit from "Spineless" when I get incarcerated in Mexico?

The Reveler


bradinthesand said...

i thought you already get gay conjugal visits in prison...whether you want them or not.

island dyke said...

Hey sorry, I've been on vacation the past week at the Mariana's Resort...a gay friendly establishment. I'm on it ;0)

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I thought Brad was the island dyke?

Hey, whatever happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.

island dyke said...

lots of straight men want to be lesbians...and maybe some of them are..... ;0)

bradinthesand said...

I say yay for gay friendly establishments. I've seen how accepting that place is.

In fact, there was this one time in the shower room when I casually walked by while Bruce was washing Harry's back.

I didn't bat an eye and neither did the Jeff when he was washing Angelo's legs.

While there's nothing wrong with that in principle, the sight was something I wouldn't mind erasing from my memory.

By the way, thanks for washing my hair Rev.

Jeff said...

WTF Brad. Stop spreading rumors like that. I thought you were my friend.

Angelo was washing my legs.

Get the story straight.

rev said...

haha. oh i remember that hair down there.

damn-sell said...

welcome back island dyke aka brad?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

There is no question about it. I AM a lesbian trapped in a man's body.

island dyke said...

you lesbians crack me up!

bradinthesand said...


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