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Sep 6, 2008

CUC Chronicles

Just a quick note again.

The village of Chalan Kanoa had a 12-hour power outage recently. Residents from this village clamored about it. A source shared that one government official joked about it and told him that CK is less priority for the government to provide intermittent power because there are less voters in the village. This alleged government official said CK mostly has non-resident workers living around it.


Marianas Pride said...

Nothing surprises me after DCM, CISCO, and other sole sourcing contracts courtesy of King Fitial.

Marianas Pride said...

I bet one place that rarely goes out: Fitial's mansion up in Gualo Rai.

g00$e said...

How much water is required to maintain a golf course, or operate a water park?

I saw the people's sign pictured below pleading for water the other day, and wondered about the huge disconnect between them and the Monkeys on the Hill as I passed PIC and World Resort with their cascading water parks. World Resort still had that stupid fountain at their entrance, spraying water into the air to evaporate while the rest of the island baked without power or water.

Seemed incredibly wrong. Sure, the tourist industry and blah, blah, blah, but at what point do the needs of the people outweigh those of the resort$? The tourists can swim in the ocean like the rest of us.

And where's the water for the new Korean development in Kagman going to be sourced from?

bradinthesand said...

the hotels make their own fresh water and provide their own reliable power. would be nice to have them help out with some of their expertise...

carlos the mackerel said...

Its current demographics notwithstanding, CK is the only village that elects two congressmen all by itself. Complaints should perhaps be forwarded in that direction.

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