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Sep 20, 2008

How did $80K worth of 'ice' enter Saipan?

That is the bigger question to ask this administration than what to do with the man who was caught with 176.6 grams of the drug 'ice'.

Wake up Customs, Immigration, CPA, DPS and all other government agencies that are supposed to guard CNMI borders.

For such a small island with few tourists (nowadays) and smaller volume of cargo coming in, there are still remarkable volume of 'ice' making their way to Saipan.

Again, how did the estimated $80,000 worth of 'ice' enter Saipan?

Are there customs officers and other enforcement officers who are in connivance with drug suppliers?

Or are these enforcement officers and agencies sleeping on their job?

Will there be tougher border protection once the feds take over?

It all started with a random check on a man who was driving without a seatbelt. It's the second biggest haul of illegal drugs so far in the CNMI, authorities said.

Was it pure luck for the police officers?

Special agents told the media it "only proves that methamphetamine hydrochloride is still a big problem in the Commonwealth."

The man caught with the 176.6 grams of 'ice' is a garment worker at Rifu Garment Factory in San Vicente.

He said he "picked up the package under the bench of a bus stop as directed by his friend, a person named Chen based in China."


Anonymous said...

What about the "remarkable volume" of drugs in the mainland?

Your anti-CNMI government bias is showing.

Anonymous said...

just because there's remarkable volume of drugs in the mainland, we don;t have to worry about the drugs here?


Anonymous said...

That wasn't my point. Of course drugs are a concern worldwide. Nowhere in the United States does DEA describe ongoing investigations publicly. The gratuitous insults were uncalled for. I am happy our DPS was so professional in detecting and addressing this reactive case.

[Think what the CNMI would be like if federal and local law enforcement officers and AUSAs were of the same calliber as our newspaper reporters. (!)]

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