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Sep 15, 2008

F&B 911: 747 a Rediscovery

Have you been to 747 Restaurant located in Garapan, around the area where the MIHA housing is? I have especially for an hour or two of "karaoke" usually.

Not until recently, I realized how great their food menu is in that restaurant. No wonder our Canadian friends dine in there almost every week. Reasonable yes. Luscious, totally! It's a Japanese owned restaurant but the owner wants a more universal appeal to it. The restaurant doesn't serve sushi. Crispy fried chicken and garlic rice are soooo good. The Crab Spaghetti is one of their runaway sellers.

If you feel like belting it out right after dinner just scoot to the karaoke rooms that can house at least 10 singers. The karaoke rooms have good deals too. For $5 dollars an hour per person, consumable. Drinks are from hard liquor to cocktails.

The restaurant prefers a call for reservations. 747 also provides hotel pickup and drop-off for diners, free of charge. Contact 747 at (670)233-8880. 747 opens at 6pm everyday.


Para i familiaku said...

WOW! I think you had me at the crab spaghetti. Although, Capricciosa's Seafood spaghetti is also pretty good! I will head to 747 sometime this week!

Lil' Hammerhead said...
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Anonymous said...

I stopped going to 747 because of the lousy service. The last time I went, four of us waited an hour for food while the staff served a group of Japanese who came in AFTER we did. They all had food before we got ours. The staff's explanation? "Sir, they are Japanese, and demand good service."

rev said...

yeah we've heard about that. the reason why we tell them when there are tourists inside that if our food comes out late, we'll leave, so far they've been fast lately....

On Saipan said...

Btw, Para Familiaku, if you're getting the Crab Spaghetti, it's 18 bucks but can be shared by two.

Island Dyke said...

You can hear me singing "some where over the rainbow...." there on saturday night ;)

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