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Sep 10, 2008

Yellow Pages Anyone?

Marianas Variety (above) has printed its newspaper for two days now using yellow paper. Thought that was the supplement or the yellow pages. Below is an ad printed on it. Notice the advertiser's attempt to make its ad stand out with its yellow color? Hmmm....


Anonymous said...

1.Newsprint shipment did not arrive.
2. MV cannot pay for the shipment.
3. Have finally realized they are the epitome of yellow journalism.
4. Have sold the paper to the Chinese.

Yellow Snow said...

Pretty funny, Noni! Or maybe the dogs got to their paper supply.

"Don't go where the huskies go. Don't you eat that yellow snow."

bradinthesand said...

yellow journalism...lol. feel bad for them but at least it's a higher quality paper than the standard gray pages.

i thought there was a special pull-out section but it was only pages 5-20.

i think it's fair game to poke fun at the new daily phonebook now but soon enough the variety will get the regular stock.

in the meantime, will they be adding section for government listings to join the business and residential?

no malice, guys n' gals. just good fun.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, integrity, trustworthy. How many leaders have these 3 qualities?

rev said...

too funny guys!!!! love it...

mandaragat said...


Anonymous said...

How many other communities of this size in the mainland U.S. have populations that can afford to buy two newspapers daily?

Only the more trustworthy, reliable, and less-slanted will survive.

Anonymous said...

Hello Noni,

Repeating yourself? Those three words mean the same.

If a leader has all three, but does not know “jack shit” about what to do, does that make him, or her, a leader?

Para i familiaku said...

Look at the bright side of things, it should have brightened the days of some folks.. Yellow is a happy color! LOL....

Anonymous said...

no money to buy newsprint ahead of time

delayed shipment of newsprint when the funds were finally raised

it's not the yellow paper that you guys should be concerned about...

...but the Variety employees -- from the editor and reporters to production staff -- who were not paid their salary for almost a month.

and nobody said anything about it.

Anonymous said...

The cheap yellow paper does not absorb the printer's ink the way real newsprint does, either.

So now the Marianas Variety tabloid trash literally stinks, not just figuratively.

Typical, that the workers (“fearless investigative reporters”), who have put their obsessive greed for Green Cards above all else, would suppress the details of their own abuse. And now they don't even have an Ombudsperson to run to! Boo, hoo.

If the MV goes tits up, it will be not a day too soon. Good riddance, you ultra-lib activist stooges. Through your filthy propaganda, you achieved federalization.

Now you reap your just and well-earned desserts, caused by the total loss of reportorial objectivity in the eyes of your readership, and the sharply deteriorating economy you were a major part in inflicting on the CNMI. Karma is a bitch.

“Federalization: You asked for it; you got it.”

Marianas Variety? Good riddance!

Anonymous said...


King said...

Shouldn't the moderators of this blog at least keep watch of unnecessary and destructive commentary from people who have obvious anger and malice in their words, this time against the Variety. Don't wait until someone files a legal complaint against this blog before you do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Sure, just like they “keep watch” of the prodigious unnecessary and destructive commentary from people who have obvious anger and malice in their words against local self-government advocates.

Or were you trying to pressure them into censorship?! Fortunately for our blog hosts and free-speech advocates everywhere, providing a forum does not constitute endorsement.

If such advocacy were actionable in a court of the law, the Marianas Variety would have been out of business long, long ago.

“Marianas Variety? Good riddance!”

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