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Jul 12, 2007

2 Billion of Rats?

Another news that CNMI resident former Rep. Frank Cepeda would have been glad to hear about - an infestation of rats in China numbering to billions. Cepeda in May called Environmental Health division to report rodents infestation in his place up on As Matuis. But read this news from BBC:
BBC-Severe flooding in central China has brought a mass invasion of mice, raising fears of outbreaks of disease.
The floods forced about two billion mice from islands in Dongting Lake in Hunan province, local officials said.
Health authorities have been sent to three cities on the lake and crops have been destroyed by the field mice.
Flooding and landslides have killed at least 360 people across southern and central China in recent weeks, with more rain expected, officials say.

Residents' revenge

The rodent rampage began on 23 June, when the flooded Yangtze River raised water levels in Dongting Lake, forcing the mice from their holes on islands in the lake, China's state-run news agency Xinhua said on Monday.
But Li Junhua, from Hunan Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, told Xinhua there had not yet been any reports of disease caused by the field mice.

Happy now Mr. Cepeda? I would've fainted if I'd witness those billion of rats or mice scampering around the island! 'You think the local folks would have a problem with their (rodents') residency? Would we see a rodent governor, if this happens?

The Reveler


island dyke said...

It's possible to have a governor who is a rat...depending on the Chinese year they were born in.

the reveler said...

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