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Jul 17, 2007

SMS against Juan Pan...

Yesterday morning most of the non-resident workers (NRWs) in the CNMI received island wide SMS or text messages encouraging the NRWs not to patronize the businesses owned by Saipan Chamber of Commerce president John "Juan Pan" Guerrero, namely Herman's Bakery, Western Union, and Mita Travel et al for being against CNMI's federal takeover.

This is history repeating itself as they say when Rep. Ray Yumul introduced a bill that was regarded "anti-NRWs" before, that led to the closure of one Jollibee Restaurant branch that his family owned in Chalan Kanoa.

I went to an establishment and these NRWs were talking about the text message and murmured that they would try to follow the advice.

I sat today with former ranking officials and talked about issues on the island. This ranking official spoke about the stand of the Chamber of Commerce. Apparently, SCC's stand as the paper reported does not want "grandfathering" of the NRWs on the island.

The former official said one should request from the Chamber minutes of their meeting that the stand is actually the group's position and not just Juan Pan's. Makes sense to me.

He said Juan Pan's majority of workers for his successful businesses are NRWs that have been working for him at least five years and up. The former ranking official said this man should be investigated.

What do you think?

The Reveler


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Investigated for what?

rev said...

beats me. but he stressed on getting the minutes of the meeting about the actual Chamber stand on the issue.

Jeff said...

I took my kid out of Danny Aquino's daycare, Little Darlings, because he has a stick up his ass about white people and Filipinos, which is the exact makeup of my family. You won't see me at his print shop, either.

Juan is free to do his thing, and I wouldn't shop there either if I were a contract worker. They are each free to day their thing.

rev said...

Good for you,Jeff. Kudos to you. The ranking official said that how could the public be sure that the stand of the Chamber is actually not just Juan Pan's or Alex Sablan's or just three out of 20 members....

Anonymous said...

If you are so worried about the potential exodus of non-resident workers (as most businesses have voiced)... then why would you not want to do whatever you could to keep the few here who might actually stay and continue working... the long-residing alien workers who have some roots? This "Saipan Chamber" position just does not make sense to me at all. I seriously smacks of the racism of a handful of members. The Chamber, an instution that should in this community be much stronger, has over the past years kept itself extremely weak through spokesmen like Guerrero and Sablan.

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