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Jul 7, 2007

Who is racist on Saipan?

On Saipan, it`s not only a few Chamorros who have hatred of other races, colors, or even religion, although they are at the top of the list. The Tao Tao Tano group, while initially having some credibility in advancing community`s interests like the skyrocketing utility costs, has lost all that by being racist, by telling a group of long-term alien workers to go home because this is "our land."

But like I said, it`s not only the TTT or a few Chamorros.

Some examples of how some people treat each other on Saipan:

A journalist was yelled at by a Chamorro man for using the main entrance to the Multi-Purpose Center in Susupe to attend a hearing early this year. The man told the journalist that the Chinese should use the side entrance. The journalist told the man: I`m here to cover the hearing. The man, shocked that the woman infront of him could actually communicate humanely, in English, said, :"Oh I`m sorry I thought you`re Chinese," and allowed the reporter to use the main entrance.

Every year at the Fourth of July parade, many Chamorro men and women yell at `other` parade spectators. When these so called locals see Asians blocking their view, they yell: "Hey, Hey! Go Go!" or "Go away," coupled with hand gestures suited for getting rid of flies and other insects. That`s why it`s a joke every time Liberation committee members or emcees talk of `unity in diversity` or friendship` etc. when, during the parade and they are seated comfortably on the main stage, they yell at non-locals, Caucasians included, blocking their view.

An Asian man was in a souvenir shop in Garapan. The Korean/Chinese saleslady told him that people like him want to just look at the merchandise but dont buy at all. the man thought to himself, maybe the reason why customers don`t buy from you is because of your attitude.

An Asian CUC customer patiently waited in line to pay their utility bills. After more than 30 minutes of waiting for her turn, the customer noticed that a local woman who just came in went straight to a `side` window where she was promptly attended to by a CUC employee. this happens all the time in other government agencies.

I have to mention how even elected officials and caucasian males lambast Asians, when in fact their children are half-Asians because guess what, they`re married to Asian women.

A woman walked past two Chamorras who are way too big for the typical islander. Within earshot, the woman could hear the other one told her friend: "She`s not Catholic. She`s so thin." Go figure.
(To be continued)


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I hate all cultures and ethnicities equally.

BoReGo said...

That's not true Angelo. Middle road Rev and GG: you've been tagged. Go to my last 7 lasts post to see the details!

The Reveler said...

Bree Reynolds witnessed how the Chinese were pushed by this huge local woman for blocking their view during the liberation day parade.

I guess I'd have to believe with Angelo for saying that TTT is the next KKK.

Rick Jones said...

Here's a good one for you. A local guy came up to me screaming at me for driving too fast down his road (I was going about 15 MPH). I apologized profusely, figuring there is no reasoning with someone who is screaming at you. He finally came out with what I'm sure he wanted to say all along - "You know better than that, you fucking American!".

This was after threatening to throw rocks at me if I ever did it again.

He lost steam and went away after calling me a "fucking American". First time I've run across this kind of racism here, but I've certainly heard a hundred similar stories.


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Rick, was that on the way down to Laulau Beach? I was in a dive shop truck in my first month here when one of the guys living there went off on my Filipino Dive Master.

the reveler said...

one of the avid letter to the editor senders consistently write to regard white people on the island as visitors. For a place that benefits from being tagged as "Americans" could be so such indifferent.

Lex said...

There will always be prejudice and racism all over the world. Even a priest of the same religion but different nationality will look at you funny the first time around. Human nature.
I guess its just a matter of how well you're "keepin' it in", for lack of a better term. Especially when you're going through a hard time. Mind you I'm not making excuses for Mr. Rock-throw-happy dum dum, but lets be honest with ourselves, have we never, ever thought little of other races at one time? I know I sometimes do when I'm a more than a little annoyed, but I've always held it in till I could think clearer.
Saying TTT is the next KKK is a bit too harsh to be honest. In their self righteous march for justice, they just happened to stumble into ignorance is all :P

We should all hold hands and sing "We are the World" ;)

Weird Elle said...

To Rick Jones, you got lucky actually. I know 4 male Asians who had a far worse experience.

They were on their way home late at night when another vehicle driven by Chamorro men drove past them, blocked their way, got down from their vehicle and told them to also get out of their vehicle. Four of these Asians were beaten up for no clear reason; they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Plus, they were no match to the big Chamorros and didn`t know whether these Chamorros had guns or knives. Only one of the Asians got lucky. He was asleep inside the car.

Lex said...

Woops that was a mouthful, please imagine line breaks where necessary :P

Rick Jones said...

No, it was up by the airport. I've heard of the Laolao guy, though, he once threatened to shoot an American friend of mine for driving too fast.

bradinthesand said...

i'm afraid of americans...

bradinthesand said...

"I have to mention how even elected officials and caucasian males lambast Asians, when in fact their children are half-Asians because guess what, they`re married to Asian women."

Lambasted Asians sound delicious...

ChamorroDude said...

Racism exists everywhere in the World,not just in Saipan.

I'm currently living in the U.S Mainland and i've been called a Wetback and even a Chink.

bradinthesand said...

It would be one heck of a swim from Saipan to the mainland. Why don't they call Canadians snowbacks?

Sorry to hear off-color terms hurled your way Chamorrodude. I've never called anyone either of those terms but have heard them used in jokes.

And I wonder who called you those terms. It's not just the white folk who use them. Sad to say that people from all races put each other down.

It's funny too. I usually hear it from the least educated people I know. It just shows how stupid they really are.

Anonymous said...

u twat! hehe. kiddin.

Anonymous said...

discrimination and racism are universal. whether educated or "least educated" people tend to act like that. so surprising that you also "generalized" people's attitude based on education.

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