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Jul 13, 2007

Daily Kos Dengre Files: Ben Tan Fitial

If you happen to have time to check this website http://dengre.dailykos.com, the blogger Dengre (not a mosquito related disease) posted recently a question of arresting the visiting CNMI governor in DC right now. Here's the post:
One of the key players in the Abramoff/Republican Corruption Scandal is in Washington DC tonight. He was there for the bribes, the payoffs, the secret deals between Jack and the Bush White House. He benefited from the crimes and did his part to further the GOP Criminal Conspiracy.

He is an architect of the system of human trafficking and abuse that has flourished on the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) for over 25 years. The sweatshops, forced prostitution, money laundering, gambling, graft, corruption and incompetence that have become synonymous with the rogue US Territory in the Western Pacific are all by-products of his criminal career.

His name is Benigno R. (Ben) Fitial. He is the Governor of the CNMI. Jack and Tom got him the gig.

Can we arrest him now?

The writer also posted a morphed mugshot with Fitial in orange shirt and a mock convict number....

Who's Dengre?


bigsoxfan said...

I would compare him to the leftist version of a FOX news talking head. Big on crusading for his causes, short on depth and accuracy. News is a somewhat, like the bible, you can interpret the surface story in many ways, the ideological types prefer their way.
Whoever is bankrolling his operation, should really send him to Vietnam, China, or the PI to check out a serious sweatshop operation. I can hear him screaming now, as he runs out into the night. His bio was posted, by himself or another, as a comment on saipanuvian a few days ago, if you are interested.
Gotta admit though, love the mugshot.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Some kind of rabid, CNMI hating, Demo party proselytizer. I suspect he is either in the pay of US based garment factories or sleeps with Allen fucking Stayman. They both have a burning desire to destroy the CNMI and replace it with the vapid, socialist agenda that passes for politics in the decaying USA.

meanwhile here is a new poll:
Please go to http://saipanuvian.blogspot.com for important posting and voting information about the sexest blogger contest now in progress. You are urged to cast your vote or even change your vote based on this data as soon as possible. You may vote at the site noted above.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

He is Batman.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Haven't we been through this before, Angelo? (;-))

the reveler said...

Sexist Blogger?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Most Sexist, Reveler.

Not Batman, but Elmer Fudd, Angelo.

Jeff said...

Say what you want about his opinions, but he is hardly short on depth or accuracy. He's extremely well documented. Go look at all the references over there.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

So who feeds him this stuff? Who pays to have it disseminated? Why would he care?

Assuming that the in depth references are not bogus, that is. Truth is, I haven't gotten past the motivation phase yet, Jeff, so haven't done any due diligence on his sources.

I'm too jaded to believe this saving-the-earth crap as motivation for such a far flung circumstances unrelated to his business or personal life. No chance. There is a termite, or worse, in the woodpile.

Jeff said...

He's a liberal crusader who works in a liberal think tank. He reads and researches relentlessly. He followed Abramoff's evil web in the states and it led him here. He explains this in his blog. I was pretty ready to become Canadian after the last presidential election, but let it pass. Dengre is a few steps beyond me, so I understand his frustration. The game is so rigged, here, there and everywhere, it is disgusting. It's depressing to know how this stuff really works. I half wish I didn't.

We can't be comparing ourselves to China or Vietnam for how we treat workers big sox fan.

bigsoxfan said...

Jeff, no comparisons, but my point was workers on Saipan have it much better than those in China or Vietnam. I'm not thrilled with any sort of cooperation with recruiters anywhere and that system must bear a large part of the blame, along with government greed at home. To say the contract workers are in a form of slavery is bending the facts just a tad. We are all allowed some choices and to work within the current capitalistic system is one of them.
Interliked economies throughout the world are a fact of life, but the basic fact comes down to people in the 3rd world will do about anything to get along. That is not going to change anytime soon and all the do gooders won't change my Hobbesian view of the world. ie. Life is nasty, short, and brutish.
Anyway, the damage is done and the sweatshops are closed or will be closing. Interesting comments on Dngres blog re. the fitial article. I see the "sucks" blog all over again. Damage control team to the bridge! I'll accept his point that the system on the island is dysfunctional, but the government is developing. Did the mainland get it right the first time? Ever been to a mill town in Massachusets? All the self-righteous sanctimony in Dngres diatribes is making me a little ill or was it the juice from the lower reaches of the mutton pot last night.

Anonymous said...

What makes Dengre ticked off about the CNMI?

bigsoxfan said...

Now that's a good question. Lots of answers, most of them demeaning and hurtful to some good people trying to improve the CNMI. I don't have the balls or understanding to fully list his objections to the CNMI. Exploitation of foreign labor would be a start. I'm of the opinion that he doesn't really have an understanding of how people survive outside the district or states beginning with a vowel.

Anonymous said...

So what should be done here? Someone really has to look at things from a distance to shake things off. If no one bothers to care, no progress or improvement will happen anywhere.

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