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Jul 24, 2007

The Chamber of Secrets....

Potential IRs burden to the NMI?

A Canadian friend told me before with regard to the issue that the non-resident workers remit at least $1 million a year to their families back home, that if the local government would allow the families of these nonresident workers come to the CNMI, these remittances would be mitigated and money would revolve within the economy of the Commonwealth. Now, the Chamber is afraid that federalizing the CNMI and allowing these nonresidents petition their family members as potential immediate relatives (IRs) would hurt the CNMI. Read on news from the paper:
The leadership of the Saipan Chamber of Commerce expressed fear that, if granted nonimmigrant visas, thousands of long-term nonresident workers and their families could be “an immense burden” to the CNMI.

In testimony presented Thursday to the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Chamber president Juan T. Guerrero reiterated the group's opposition to the “grandfather clause” in S. 1634, allowing workers who have lived in the Commonwealth for more than five years the right to “lawful nonimmigrant” status.

“Such action allows these individuals the right to remain in the Commonwealth (or, for that matter, relocate to the mainland United States) for purposes of living and working. This action would allow the right to immigrate family members to the Commonwealth under “immediate relative” status. .We have estimated that approximately 8,000 current workers in the Commonwealth would qualify for such status. There are two possible outcome scenarios under this grandfather clause, and neither is good,” said Guerrero.

He said allowing almost 8,000 individuals “to remain-and to immigrate immediate relatives to join them, for the long-term-are profoundly negative for the Commonwealth.”

“These tens of thousands of lawful nonimmigrants would be given the same preference for local jobs that this Senate has repeatedly claimed to be attempting to protect for United States citizens. These lawful nonimmigrants and their families would prove an immense burden on the local infrastructure in a way, and to a degree, that was never contemplated by-nor allowed-under the Commonwealth's existing guest worker program,” he said.

The other concern is the likelihood of these workers to leave the CNMI right away to travel and work in the U.S. mainland.
What are they so afraid of? These people would stay at least for a while. Some would as long as good paying jobs are available for them. These nonresidents (some that I had conversed with) know for sure that it's a huge risk to be relocated.

The Reveler


Anonymous said...

You're right... What are they afraid of? There has been a population of over 30,000 guest workers and aliens for the past 20 years. Are they really worried about 8000 and any family members?

NO. This is just a poor argument they use.

Again, if they are so worried about having the access they need to labor... here are 8000 workers + their family members.

Pseudo-racist and very poor argument the Chamber continues to make.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it would be an immense burden on the CNMI. Look at Guam and how that island has been affected by the Compact of Free Association; look at the Philippines from where these people would be coming from and see how that country has been burdened by it's own people. Such selfishness. Where is the patriotism and support for your country? Why burden another land all because of your pursuit for the almighty green card? Be proud of your homeland - help to make it prosper and then maybe all your kababayans will cease from fleeing your country and return home. Let Fitial "cease to exist," if that's what it takes to save his homeland.
He'll be here long after the Feds take over. Where will you be? Not here, not in the Philippines.
What have you done to save your homeland? Remit? Is that enough? What about being as civically vocal there as well? Welcome to the "Land of the Free."

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Well, should the feds ever decide to go after Abramoff, Delay Doolittle, and Zachares, he very well may cease to exist. That's a fact of life. I'm not saying that Fitial broke Federal laws, but he sure does keep company with people who do.

I agree that too many people are straining our infrastructure, but this has nothing to do with wether or not they are US citizens, nonimmigrants, immigrants, hobbits, or midget pirates.

What is the difference in pressure on infrastructure between an overseas worker and a nonimmigrant? I don't think there is one.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous no.2 - I am not a guest worker...I am a US Citizen. You have brought any "burdens" on yourself. What is the difference between 8000 longstaying workers being allowed to remain or move to work elsewhere in the US or the 30,000+ guest workers that have been here for the past 20 years? Where is the additional burden?

The only burden is your racism (and stupidity)... and you do sound quite stupid.

Anonymous said...

OK, so when can my family of 8 move into your apartment? By the way I'll need your car to get to work Monday to Friday - and keep the fridge stocked with steak,too. Don't the pull the racism card. That's not what it's about, and don't get mad.

Island Style said...

who will tend my farm aka 10x10 backyard lot once my Filipino and Bangladeshi farmers are already IR?It is degrading for me to be seen cleaning my yard.

Anonymous said...

... to previous anonymous... you are the one flinging around "kababayans", badmouthing the Philippines, etc.... so nuff with the "don't play the racism card"

You are not only racist... you are a serious moron.

...to island style... what do you mean cleaning and farming? Just wait until the economy is really bad... can you imagine seeing local residents actually having to walk places. :)

Anonymous said...

The word kababayan is not racist. Look it up. You're playing it again.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I should proofread my comments. Don't ever quote me.

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