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Jul 4, 2007


GSM--not! Ramblings of a cellular misfit

I went to the PTI Chalan Lau Lau office to get my postpaid PTI sim card yesterday to finally replace my super old CDMA phone and use my year old Nokia 3230 phone, which I've been using with Hafatel sim card. I also brought my newly bought Samsung T219. Two of PTI's young customer service agents came up to me and asked me if they were tri-band phones because triband phones won't work here only "dual and quad band." My other phone is triband 850 and I told them that is should work because as far as I heard it, the system of PTI is under GSM 850 to still accommodate the CDMA phones. So they took my phone and came back with the sad news that the phone wouldn't work. Yes, it wouldn't because the phone is still locked with T-Mobile. (I got the phone from Hawaii and brand new).

Then they tried my other GSM phone, the Nokia one. They came back to me and asked me for the lock code? I told them that I don't remember. Phones have generic lock codes, either 00000, 12345 or 1234 or 11111. But these kids don't know that. They said Hafatel must've locked it. I vehemently disagreed. I told them that I only bought a sim card from Hafatel and it does work. To make long story short, they turned me down.

So I went out and inside the car I configured the phone and used 00000 to unlock the phone to accommodate the PTI sim card. So I went back inside and told them. They tried the PTI sim card and they were surprised that it did accept the PTI sim card. However, the phone didn't have signal at all.

"Because it's triband sir," they said. I asked them if they're selling the new phones there because for a second, I resorted to buying another phone. "Sorry sir, it would be available tomorrow during our sale in Jollibee," they said. Why couldn't they sell right there and then? People came to their launching event? What's the point?

Arggh! To my dismay, I left PTI disheartened. I needed a new phone because I have a broken one from PTI.

I wouldn't buy a new phone, I told myself. If PTI won't deal with triband phones, I promise to switch to SaipanCell to redeem myself. My phone bills have been crazy with PTI anyway.

But whatever happened to SaipanCell's Docomo acquisition? Why is it until now, the company hasn't improved their GSM services yet, wherein fact they have Hafatel already? If SaipanCell would have a postpaid for Hafatel, I would definitely switch.

For PTI, they should've trained their staff first before the launching event yesterday. I pity those people who have less knowledge about cellphones, and would be told to their face that "it's triband phone sir, our system won't work with that phone" or "Hafatel must've have locked your phone" (That's nasty, accusing them immediately. For god's sakes, learn the hoops of cellphones. Basic info of it. Lock codes et al.)

The Reveler


bradinthesand said...

I feel your pain. I bet the people who make decisions there would love to hear this story. Did you try to speak with a manager? Since you waited for a long time, perhaps a phone call (in your case, from a land line) is in order.

Cal me Rev @ 287-BRAD and I'll see about getting you a face-to-face so the decision makers can hear what's going on in the front line.

the reveler said...

brad thanks for the help. PTI's marketing is kinda bad right now. false advertisements et al. spoke with saipancell folks and they were laughing about the radio ads and all. they know PTI only has dual band and quad band on an GSM 850 to accommodate CDMA phones. I also find it funny that there's no promo for postpaid subscribers so that we move to the GSM technology. Why would postpaid holders migrate to GSM when it is more expensive and limited text or SMS (only 50 text msgs free)?

if PTI wants to get phase out CDMA and move to GSM, there should have been a promo and more attractive to subscribers. bad. bad. bad.

thanks for the help.

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