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Mar 18, 2007

The gay sandwich

Well, now that Mexico has legislated civil union between same sex, I wonder how the US feels now that it is being "sandwiched" by two countries that recognized such union?

"With ketchup or mustard sir?"
BBC reports: Mexico City embraces gay unions
Antonio Medina (L) and Jorge Cerpa
Antonio Medina (L) said exclusion had come to an end
The first civil partnerships among same-sex couples in Mexico City have been celebrated under new legislation.
The law, which came into effect in the capital on Friday, gives gay couples similar social and inheritance rights to heterosexual couples.

The Reveler


KAP said...

Isn't 'civil union' a contradiction in terms? Ok, I'm getting old, romance is dead. That happened about the same time as we went through 'whose turn is it to feed/change the baby?'

Sandwiched? I'm almost speechless. Almost. As a Southern Baptist, it's tied in with why I can't have sex standing up: people might think I'm dancing.

But that's what you're dealing with. The best you can hope for is people, like me, who come out somewhat different.

Go ahead and bleep me out, I deserve it.

Anonymous said...

What do you call a gay sandwich?

Happy Buns ;)

KAP said...

Gently, that's somewhat sexist. Don't forget the jelly rolls.

Somewhat seriously, because that's the best I can do: why is that any of my business anyhow?

The Reveler said...

ah happy buns! luv that...KAP we luv u, no matter what!

KAP said...

Ah, what's a sandwich without lettuce?

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