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Mar 14, 2007

Requiem for an affair

Milan Kundera, in his novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being, gives this advice on how to keep erotic friendships—or friends-with-benefits relationships—just that:
To ensure that erotic friendship never grew into the aggression of love, he [Tomas, the womanizing protagonist of the novel] would meet each of his long-term mistresses only at intervals. He considered this method flawless and propagated it among his friends: "The most important thing is to abide by the rule of threes. Either you see a woman three times in quick succession and then never again, or you maintain relations over the years but make sure the rendezvous are at least three weeks apart."
It appears it doesn't only apply to love affairs. I should have paid heed.

For the past three nights, I've been sleeping on The Reveler's couch. I have a big, comfortable bed at home. But there are things you have to do to stay on the good side of friends, particularly those who have a certain fear of being home alone. And who make sure you have a nice, hot breakfast waiting for you every morning.

So yeah, it's been me and the Couch for three straight* nights. I must admit, I'm starting to grow an attachment to it. Alas, all good things must come to an end. The Reveler's partner is coming back and my company will be needed no more. I would have liked another night or two, but it was good while it lasted.

* This is debatable. Opinions differ on the gender of the Couch.


KAP said...

Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.
Benjamin Franklin

Now, now, I'm just playing

franz said...

you can crash my couch anytime...

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