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Mar 13, 2007

He Said, She Said: 300, the movie

The Reveler: My gawd! Did we just see drop dead gorgeous hunk of burning love
men in there, or was it a figment of my imagination?
(Weird Elle and Geek Goddess walk out of the movie theater in utter reverie)

The Reveler: Don't you love those muscles and six to eight packs of hard,
stiff and chiseled abs! Did somebody turn off the AC inside the theater? My
it’s hot now eh?
Geek Goddess: It seems so. That movie should give the world a better idea of
global warming. Hot! Hot! Hot!
The Reveler: I love the fight scenes, it's the best fight sequence for me to
date since the Matrix. Visual effects is stunning. Those men can hurl me
anytime they want.

The Reveler: Geek Goddess you should be in that film! You're a better actress
than, uhmm, who's that guy? Oh yeah, that traitor!
Geek Goddess: Quasimodo-slash-Gollum?! Sure, Reveler. And you would have
been perfect as the council leader.
The Reveler: Say what? Council leader?

The Reveler: Weird Elle, wake up. Movie is over.
Weird Elle: All I can say about the movie is that I love the storyline, I
like it for being an epic and all that stuff. But of course, the fact that
300 "Spartans" with their skimpy costumes are there...water please!
The Reveler: All I can say is that in that movie, it's raining men and arrows!
Geek Goddess: Wait! Where's the rest room? Lemme pee!

A friend surmised that we, three are gawking about the 300 spartans, imagine the 10,000 more men in similar outfit and physique...Gaea! There's a god after all!

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