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Mar 6, 2007

Ice Cream sign anyone?

Just read this in the news today. A dispute over reinstallation of an ice cream sign that led to so many other things.
Saipan Tribune by FDelaTorre: The Superior Court has issued a ruling that resolved a legal dispute between a businessman and a building owner over the removal of an ice cream sign. Associate judge Juan T. Lizama's decision favored the building owner, Merci Corp., and cancelled its lease agreement with businessman John C. Jones.
“Because Merci did not breach Article 22 of the lease by failing to reinstall the sign, Jones cannot maintain a claim for breach of lease against Merci,” Lizama pointed out. Lizama said Jones is indebted to Merci for rent due in the amount of $5,000 plus late fees in the amount of $500 and attorney’s fees. The judge said Merci shall retain the $4,000 security deposit to account for $4,000 worth of rental payments. Jones is liable to Merci for an additional $1,000 in rental payments, $500 in late fees, and attorney's fees. Lizama gave the company 10 days to submit evidence of the attorney's fees it incurred.

Here's the link of the story on Saipan Tribune.
If Ace of Base were here, the 90's european band would have graced the court hearing singing "I saw the sign...."

The Reveler

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